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L2 Rocks

Sunday, 2019-07-21


Quick info

Client: Interlude 
Type: Custom PvP server 
Rates: High rates 
Starting Level: 1 

Rate's Information

Experience: x4000 
Skill Points: x4000 
Rate Party Experience: x1 
Rate Party Spell Point: x1 
Drop Rate: x1 
Spoil: x1 
Adena: x500 


Safe Enchant: 6 
Max Enchant: 25 
Enchant Rate Weapon: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) 
Enchant Rate Armor: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) 
Enchant Rate Jew: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) 


Item Store: Up to S grade items, Consumables, Potions & more. 
Mysterious Merchant: Up to S84 items , Armors, Weapons, Accessories & more. 
Npc Buffer: All buffs, Scheme Buffer. 
Class Master: Free Class upgrade. 

Custom Items

Armors: (Tier 1: Titanium, Dread) (Tier 2: Dynasty) (Tier 3: Rykros) 
Weapons: (Tier 1: Unique) (Tier 2: Dynasty) (Tier 3: Legendary) 
Accessories: Up to 30 Accessories with unique stats. 
Dyes-Tattoos: Custom Dyes-Tattoos with special stats.