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L2 Rocks

Sunday, 2019-07-21
Lineage II Rocks Rules

These rules apply to the following:
55x Server, Forums, mIRC, and Ventrilo,
as well as all other things hosted by L2Rocks.

Please view the
L2Rocks Terminology
for more information on these rules.

We reserve the right to change these rules at any time without any prior notice.


Lineage II Rocks  Rules

1.   No Bad Buffing and Buff Scamming.

No feeding points in Olympiad in any way shape or 
        form. This can lead to a ban.

3.   No Third Party Programs.

4.   No Terrain Exploiting.

5.   No Littering.

6.   Do not Impersonate a GM or staff.

7.   Do not Insult a GM or staff.

8.   Do not Harass a player, a GM, or staff.

9.   No begging staff for items.

10.  Do not insult Donators.

11.  Do not spread Rumors about the server.

12.  No Wyverns in town, arena, or during sieges.

13.  Treat everyone with Respect.

14.  No Attacking NPCs.

15.  No Racism towards players or staff.

16.  No Advertising other servers or webpages.

17.  Dont use "GM" in your name.

18.  Do NOT give out your user name and passwords to

19.  Do not let your friends borrow your donation items.

20.  Do not in any way, shape or form publicly accuse any
        L2Rocks GM or volunteer for breaking rules.

By playing on one of our servers,
or accessing our forums, IRC or ventrilo,
you automaticly agree to follow the rules,
and agree to any penalty if you break any of these rules.


Lineage II Rocks Terminology

-  Bad buffing
    The action to give a player buffs without his or her

-  Buff Scamming
    The action to not give buffs or give undesired buffs to a
    customer after accepting payment.

-  Botting
    The action to set up a software program that imitates
    the behavior of a human, including buffers, singers,
    dancers, healers, auto pickup, etc.

-  Third Party Programs
    Any program other than Official Lineage II Files and
    L2Rocks Server Files.

-  NPC
    None Player Character, Such as Shot
    Merchant, Weapon Merchant, Gatekeepers, Etc.

-  NPC Attacking
    The action to attack a NPC to annoy other players, or to
    enchant an item. (Enchanting items this way is a myth
    and does not help or work.)

-  Racism
    The action of using slang words or comments about
    someone because of there race or religious beliefs.

-  Terrain Exploiting
    The action to hide, perch, exploit a terrain bug to a
    player's advantage.

-  Littering
    The action of not picking up your drops.

-  Impersonate
    The action to assume the character of another person.

-  Insult
    The action to treat or speak insolently or with
    contemptuous rudeness.

-  Harass
    The action to disturb persistently or to bother

-  Donators
    Players who have donated to L2Rocks and who have
    been given Donator Items.

-  Donator Items
    A list of items that will be given to you as gratitude
    based on your donation.

-  Rumors
    A piece of unverified information of uncertain origin
    usually spread by word of mouth.

-  Wyvern
    The fat flying two-legged creature awarded to every
    castle owner.

-  Respect
    The action to show regard or consideration for.

-  Advertising
    Advertising other servers to try and steal players off of

-  GM Name
    Using a GM type of name to fool players and trick them
    in one way or another.

-  User Name/Password
    Giving out your login information could result in losing
    all your items, We will NOT replace any items.

-  Donations
    Letting your friends borrow you items is very unsafe, If
    they do not return them we will not replace your items
    or help you get them back.

-  Olympiad Point Feeding
    This involves feeding points to another without any
    intention of a fair fight or point gain. If you are caught
    doing this it could result in a ban.

-  Staff Breaking Rules
    Do not in any way, shape or form publicly accuse any
    L2Rocks GM or volunteer for breaking rules inside,
    outside or anywhere in context to the game.